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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Shopping Abroad: A Traveler’s Guide to Getting the Ultimate Gift…Safely

From Chatuchak in Bangkok to Ladies’ Market in Hong Kong, Oxford Street in London to outlet malls in the U.S., these are the ultimate shopping places for nabbing the perfect gift while on holiday. But the last thing you want is to be caught with insufficient local currency or even having your cash stolen. To avoid that, be sure to have your credit card on hand, as it not only offers convenience and helps you keep track of your spending but also provides protection and security whenever, wherever you travel.

Here are four tips to ensure you get your shopping done overseas with ease and security:

  1. Notify your bank before you fly – Using your credit or debit card when overseas might sometimes trigger a fraud alert resulting in your card being temporarily blocked for suspicious activity. So make it a point to alert your bank to your travel plans to prevent having to let go of purchases painstakingly picked out.
  2. Keep important contacts on hand – In the event that you do a trigger a fraud alert while making a legitimate purchase, you wouldn’t want to lose time searching for ways to reactivate your card. Or if, unfortunately, your card gets stolen, you wouldn’t want anyone else to use your card while you scramble to contact your bank to cancel the card. Be sure to prepare a list of international numbers of your financial institutions ahead of your trip, so you’re well-insulated from any of the above scenarios. For information on which numbers to call depending on the country you’re visiting, go to, and look under Emergency Services.
  3. Use a Travel Prepaid card – Don’t have a credit or debit card? Consider using a travel prepaid card instead. It offers the same conveniences as using a credit or debit card while helping you stay within your preloaded budget. If you’re travelling to multiple countries, it also allows you to load multiple currencies on one card and is easily reloadable. Another advantage travel prepaid cards offer is that they allow you to lock in exchange rates ahead of your trip. As if that’s not enough, they provide you access to cash at any ATMs with the MasterCard Acceptance Mark worldwide. And if you need help locating the nearest MasterCard ATM – we’ve got just the app for you too!
  4. Keep tabs by keeping your receipts – Whether you’re paying by card or cash, always request for and keep a copy of your receipts. Be sure to check at the point of purchase that the amount charged is correct and it eventually tallies with your credit card statements. And if a refund is necessary, you’ll not be caught without a proof of purchase!

Armed with these tips, MasterCard wishes you safe and secure travels!

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