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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

A Reality Check for Online Shoppers

According to MasterCard’s Safety and Security Index, many shoppers still don’t feel confident when shopping online. In reality however, electronic payments offer much more protection than you might realize.

Even though a sizeable number consumers feel concerned about the safety of online shopping and cashless payments, only a tiny fraction of shoppers have had negative experiences with electronic payments online. Here are reasons why you’re actually in safe hands when paying with your credit, debit or prepaid card.

Liability protectionInfographic - Perception vs Reality
Most payment cards protect you by offering liability protection. These policies protect you from financial liability, and your money can be recovered should fraudulent transactions ever be made on your card. If you ever have concerns about a transaction, all you have to do is immediately notify your bank. The bank will investigate and resolve the matter!

Cards give shoppers not only convenience, but also control. Unlike cash, which when misplaced or lost is irretrievable; payment cards can be cancelled and replaced swiftly and remotely.

Trackable and recordable
You will always have an electronic trail of your expenses when paying with cards, unlike cash! Need a receipt to check against or proof for being over-charged? Not a problem. You can check your transaction histories which track where payments start to where they end up.

Convenience and security
Should you be shopping on overseas websites, cards offer the most convenient method to pay as well as giving you all the security and protection listed above. Moreover, banks continue to invest in new technologies and platforms to make your online shopping experience better and more secure every day!

Opting for the cashless route offers shoppers control, a higher degree of overall security and peace of mind. It also helps to keep you updated with the latest security upgrades that your payment cards offer. Not only will you feel secure, but you’ll know that your payments are protected whether you’re shopping on or offline.

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