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How to Shop Safely While Traveling in Southeast Asia

As the holidays approach, many of us find ourselves in the familiar flurry of vacation preparation. Booking trips, reserving rooms and planning itineraries are part of the excitement of traveling. For those of us in Southeast Asia, a great trip also includes lots of shopping. Ranked behind sightseeing as the second most popular vacation activity by Mastercard’s 2016 Survey on Consumer Purchasing Priorities, the region’s consumers devoted nearly 20 percent of their holiday budgets in retail. While retail tourism contributes significantly to Southeast Asia’s economy, its prevalence also brings along unwanted baggage like theft and robbery. Jetlagged, unsuspecting tourists are prime targets for criminals in search of a quick buck. Fortunately, such incidents can be prevented with a keen awareness of one’s surroundings and the usage of discreet payments like debit or credit cards whilst shopping. According to the Mastercard survey, a majority of consumers in Southeast Asia are conscious of tourism-related crime and use credit cards as their preferred payment method while traveling. This is especially true when making luxury purchases in Asia Pacific, where 64% of consumers chose to pay for luxury goods using credit cards. Just as you research your destination’s cuisines or shopping highlights, it’s important to prepare yourself with tips that’ll help you take control of your hard-earned holiday funds. We share with you seven shopping safety guidelines so that you can travel freely with a peace of mind. Hover your mouse on the photo below to learn how:

One of the things most satisfying aspects of a shopping spree is knowing that it was a safe and secure process. What are you waiting for? Take Control. Live Freely.

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