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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story


Have you mapped out your travel plans for the year? So have many around the world. According to the 2016 Mastercard Global Destinations Cities Index, travel to Southeast Asian countries, especially to Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, is on the rise. Projected to receive 21.47 million international overnight visitors in 2016, Bangkok itself is a busy city with teeming travelers.

However, the hustle and bustle that comes along with planning a trip and travelling may at times get the best of us and into unsafe and unsavory situations. Along with overspending on travel budget, a common mistake travelers make is forgetting to notify their banks of their travel plans. Whether or not you are a last-minute packer or a full-time planner, it is common to make a few slip-ups when traveling and exploring new places. Why not practice these safety tips to take control and travel freely:

Set up before you take flight

Besides hugging your loved ones goodbye and setting up a quirky out-of-office e-email, remember to activate your card for overseas use. This will not only alert your issuer about your whereabouts, but enable you to use your payment cards in the countries you are travelling to. By signing up for SMS alerts, you can also receive notifications for every transaction made via your card. This way, even if you are on the go, you are in the know.

Take control while traveling

It is easy to be distracted while you are in the midst taking in new sights, colors and cultures. Be prepared for unforeseen circumstances by having your issuer’s emergency hotline number at hand. No matter the place or time, you can contact your card issuer to help you with a card replacement right away.

Are you also weighing up the pros and cons of carrying payment cards versus cash? Just remember that while cash is bulky and if lost, practically untraceable, electronic payment cards always leave behind electronic trails and weigh only 5 grams.

Live freely post-vacation

Whilst unpacking your holiday haul, don’t forget to scan through your monthly bank statements. Keep a close eye out for any red flags or unauthorized transactions. Should you find any, report them immediately to your bank.

These simple tips can be carried out while you are on-the-go, be it through a phone call or your bank’s mobile app. Take Control. Live Freely. Arm yourself with more payments-related security tips here.