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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

The Stress-Free Shopper’s Guide to the Holidays

img Done right, the holidays bring memories that last a lifetime. Done wrong, and it’s nightmare season. While presents and festivities are fun; stress, awkward relatives and payment fraud are not. Preparation and a peace of mind are key to enjoying the holidays. We share top shopping tips on the most common holiday activities so you can sail through this precarious period sans fete blues.
Celebratory Meals

Be it Lunar New Year luncheons or reunion dinners, Southeast Asia’s families cook, and eat up a storm as part of the festivities. Spring rolls, longevity noodles and rice balls are some of the items that often get featured on the menu. But that’s not all they’re hankering for. According to Mastercard’s research on Consumer Purchasing Priorities Southeast Asia’s appetite for fine dining saw a 38% year on year jump from 2015. All this feasting leaves no room for worry, especially about payment methods. If you’re heading out for a nice meal, payment cards should be top of wallet as they bring convenience, security and numerous dining privileges.

Gifting Presents

Whether it’s agonizing over the correct toy or fighting through throngs of other frustrated shoppers, gifting can be one of the most difficult parts of the holiday period. Nothing’s more exasperating than watching someone’s ill-concealed disappointment at a gift they don’t like. Avoid the heartache and shop through the comfort and privacy of your mobile phone! Browse through billions of brands and products at the swipe of a fingertip. Once you’re ready to check out, pay via your synced digital wallet. Online receipts and bank statements will help you track your spending so you don’t go overboard.

Booking a Getaway

A peak travel period, the holidays are filled with people jetting off, keen to reunite with or getaway from relatives. What’s a greater buzzkill than trying to remember your debit or credit card details while competing for that last plane ticket or room reservation? Save yourself the pain and store your payment card details onto your booking site for a seamless and secure check out experience. Keep a look out for booking sites offering discounts to those who store their payment information. Maybe you’ll be able to snag some great deals!

Exploring the City

You’ve saved up diligently, confirmed your itinerary and arrived at your destination. Voila: you’re on vacation! While visiting a new city is exciting, it can be dampened by petty theft targeted at unsuspecting tourists such as yourself. Key to this is anonymity, which can be broken by avoiding the jingling of coins or rifling of notes. Instead, be a well-travelled sophisticate and leave cumbersome cash at home. Travel light and use a prepaid, reloadable travel payments card as you move (and pay) through the city. Need to know where you can go cashless in Southeast Asia? Check out this handy infographic!

Donating to Charity

While the holidays are fun, not everyone may be able to enjoy them the way you do. Some may be unable to afford grand meals and others may not have family to come home to. As you reflect on the year past, think about all that you’re grateful for, and how you can help support others. Be it volunteering at a woman’s shelter, sending an online donation, or caring for the community as part of New Year’s resolutions, do be aware of scams or fake charities. Always be sure to look out for verification certificates to ensure payment authentication when making a donation. Click here to learn more about how you can empower yourself with more payments-related safety and security tips. Take Control. Live Freely. Tis season to be fearless!