MasterCard Employees

  • Abdul Rahim Bawa

    Abdul Rahim Bawa

    Vice President, Insights and Marketing Analytics for South East Asia
  • Benjamin Gilbey

    Benjamin Gilbey

    Senior Vice President, Digital Payments and Labs, Asia Pacific
  • David Chan

    David Chan

    Senior Vice President, Market Development, South East Asia
  • Deborah Heng

    Deborah Heng

    Senior Vice President and Country Manager, Singapore
  • Ed McLaughlin

    Ed McLaughlin

    President, Operations & Technology
  • Gary Kearns

    Gary Kearns

    Group Executive, Information Services, Mastercard Advisors
  • Gerald Sun

    Gerald Sun

    Vice President, Head of Sales, Commercial Payments, Asia/Pacific, Mastercard
  • James Issokson

    James Issokson

    MEDIA CONTACT: VP, Mastercard Communications
  • Jason Tymms

    Jason Tymms

    Head of Prepaid, Asia Pacific, Mastercard
  • Manu Kashyap

    Manu Kashyap

    Vice President, Enterprise Security Solutions, Asia Pacific, Mastercard
  • Matthew Driver

    Matthew Driver

    Executive Vice President, Global Products and Solutions, Asia Pacific
  • Nandan Mer

    Nandan Mer

    Division President, Japan
  • Philip Yen

    Philip Yen

    General Manager, Digital Technology Global Centre, Mastercard
  • Porush Singh

    Porush Singh

    Division President, South Asia
  • Raj Dhamodharan

    Raj Dhamodharan

    Group Head, Digital Payments and Labs, Asia/Pacific
  • Ram Chari

    Ram Chari

    CEO, ElectraCard Services, Integrated Processing Solutions
  • Rama Sridhar

    Rama Sridhar

    Executive Vice President, Digital & Emerging Partnerships and New Payment Flows, Asia Pacific, Mastercard
  • Robert Luton

    Robert Luton

    Division President, Japan
  • Safdar Khan

    Safdar Khan

    Division President, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei
  • Sam Ahmed

    Sam Ahmed

    Senior Vice President, Group Head, Marketing, Asia/Pacific, Mastercard
  • Sebastien Taveau

    Sebastien Taveau

    Open API Chief Developer Evangelist
  • T.V. Seshadri

    T.V. Seshadri

    Group Executive, Strategic Customer Solutions – International Markets
  • Tobias Puehse

    Tobias Puehse

    Vice President, Innovation Management, Digital Payments and Labs, Asia Pacific
  • Vincent Patru

    Vincent Patru

    Key Account Lead, Emerging Payments, Asia/Pacific
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