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Mastercard Asia Pacific Consumer Retail Barometer – November 2019

Each indicator data point is converted to a score that reflects its value (+ve/-ve sentiment in the case of the first 2 indicators or +ve/-ve growth in the case of the later 2 indicators) and change (higher or lower compared to the previous period). Aggregation to the Asia Pacific regional level is by simple arithmetic averaging.

The default frequency of the data is on a monthly basis. Where indicator availability lags behind the current month, we use the most recent data available. In cases where the data is only available on a quarterly basis, we have used the same quarterly value for each of the three months that make up that quarter. Scores are retroactively updated as more current data is released.

The indicators are sourced from various national level statistics organizations. Two proxies are used to replace indicators that were not available. They are: “Private Consumption Forecasts” by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in place of Consumer Confidence for Singapore, and average growth of Bombay Stock Exchange FMCG & Consumer Durable Indexes to proxy retail sales growth for India.

Cumulatively, the barometer allows for the tracking of the monthly outlook for consumer retail optimism in the region.

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