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Making Mobile Payments Easier on Your Samsung Device

Today marks an exciting chapter for mobile payments. Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) becomes the first bank globally to offer our Mobile MasterCard® PayPass™ (contactless/”tap and Go”) technology on Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphones. Read full press release. For CommBank MasterCard cardholders, this means they will be able to securely load and store payment account credentials on select flagship Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled Samsung devices. This allows for fast and secure contactless payments at the more than 220,000 PayPass contactless terminals across Australia and 1.6 million locations around the globe.  Watch short video:

Alongside CommBank and Samsung, we have built a world-first offering that places the power of mobile payment technology in the hands of Australians. But Australia is just our first stop on this journey. MasterCard and Samsung plan to complete similar service rollouts over the next year, including launches in Turkey, Russia and the Ukraine in the first quarter of 2014.  Watch MasterCard’s Mung Ki Woo explain:

For more information about this announcement, including downloadable images, visit our digital press kit.