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MasterCard at World Economic Forum: Achieving Impact Through Financial Inclusion

Last week, Matthew Driver, President of MasterCard for South East Asia, attended the World Economic Forum on East Asia 2014 in Manila alongside business leaders, government officials, developmental organizations, non-profits, and the media. Promoting global financial inclusion was a key agenda topic and Matthew participated in a live panel to discuss how to bring basic financial services that so many of us take for granted, to the unbanked and the financially underserved.

An important theme that emerged was how technology, specifically mobile phones, can help drive financial inclusion as a majority of these underserved population have access to some form of mobile technology, be it a standard mobile phone or a more technologically-advanced smart phone. This Bloomberg Television interview accurately captures that line of thought.

Matthew spoke about how MasterCard is teaming up with banks and telecommunications companies to use mobile devices to introduce financial services to those who don’t have bank accounts as covered in Wall Street Journal.

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