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To Tip or Not to Tip: MasterCard Research

Earlier this month, the findings of a MasterCard survey which looked at how people tip across Asia Pacific was released.

Thai diners emerged as Asia’s top tippers, where 8 in 10 consumers said they usually leave a gratuity behind after a hearty meal. On the other end of the spectrum, the survey showed how uncommon it is for people to tip in countries such as Japan, where a mere 4% leave tips.

This disparity in tipping habits across Asia shows how diverse the region is in its views towards the practice. Cultural nuances can make tipping a rule of thumb in some markets, while in others it can be discouraged or even considered rude.

Following news of this survey in the Wall Street Journal, Bangkok Post and Business World, the WSJ then posed a question to their readers via this Facebook post asking if they agreed with the survey findings.  Hundreds of reader responses have flooded in since, with people offering their views and anecdotes around why tipping is common in some markets and not in others.

This is definitely a topic that has got everyone buzzing, so join the conversation by leaving a comment and letting us know what you think about tipping in your country!