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 Auckland, New Zealand – 14 November – As Fraud Awareness Week 2016 gets underway, Mastercard is encouraging Kiwis to be aware of the risk of fraud and the simple steps they can take to protect their personal information.

“Payment technology is developing rapidly, and so is security. The best way for Kiwis to protect themselves against fraud and scams is to be alert and vigilant about where they are sharing their personal information, particularly as they increasingly shop online,” says Peter Chisnall, Country Manager for Mastercard New Zealand and Pacific Islands.

“Shoppers need to know they are giving their details to a legitimate organisation or individual and what the information is being used for. If in doubt, or an online offer looks too good to be true, it is safest to double-check and / or not give away any personal details.”

All Mastercard customers can feel confident they are protected by Zero Liability Protection/, meaning even if credit or debit card details are stolen, they are covered for any unauthorised purchases. Anyone who thinks their credit or debit card details have been stolen or scammed should contact their bank immediately.

“Mastercard goes to great lengths to ensure customers are safe wherever they are paying, whether online or in store, and this is a major focus of our ongoing innovation pipeline,” adds Chisnall.

Mastercard Identity Check Mobile is the latest of these innovations to be debuted internationally//. A payment technology application that uses biometrics to verify a cardholder’s identity, the app uses a fingerprint scanner on your smartphone or facial recognition technology by taking a “selfie” photo.

Cardholders’ personal biometric data is always encrypted, ensuring a safe and simple user experience and forms part of a multi-layered security approach.

Mastercard is also investigating electrocardiograms, which monitor individual’s unique heart rate pattern. This could soon be read through an electronic wristband and used as verification to access accounts.

“These advances will be available to New Zealanders in the future, and meanwhile the busiest shopping time of year is just around the corner.  By using common sense and taking a few simple precautions, Kiwis can shop safely online, in store, and everywhere in the world,” says Chisnall.

Fraud Awareness Week runs from 14 – 20 November and is led by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Consumer Protection team in support of a global education campaign initiated by Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

Below is some advice from Mastercard on how to remain safe while shopping:

  • Monitor your account activity: Make regular activity check-ups part of your routine. This will help keep you aware and on top of any possible threats or suspicious activity in your account
  • Choose secure webpages: Only pay for goods online via a secure webpage. Secure pages will begin with ‘https’ and will feature a locked padlock symbol in the browser
  • Keep your details safe: Never send your bank or credit card details via eemail, text message, social media or over the phone
  • Update your security protection: Make sure you update your security protection for whichever device you plan on shopping with, whether it is your phone, laptop or tablet
  • Take advantage of Masterpass: Unlike any other digital payment solution, a Masterpass digital wallet is created in conjunction with your nominated bank, so it eliminates the need to enter payment and shipping information with every purchase and retailer
  • Contact the seller: If you’re buying from an online store for the first time, use the contact details to get in touch with the seller. If you don’t get a response, stay away
  • Trust your instincts: If you see an offer online that looks too good to be true, it probably is
  • Read reviews: Search engines are your friend. You will almost always be able to find a review of a shopping site.



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/ More information on conditions and exclusions to Mastercard’s Zero Liability policy can be found at:

// Mastercard Identity Check Mobile is currently available in US, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the U.K.