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Small Business and the Mega-Retailer, Competing in a Tech-Driven World

A Technology and Business Audit of Small to Mid-Sized Merchants in Four Markets: South Africa; Canada; Brazil; Germany.

  • To better understand the attitudes of small and mid-sized merchants toward new tech solutions and how they incorporate it into their businesses, Global Insights completed the Merchant Scope project with qualitative and quantitative research across four countries: Brazil, Canada, Germany and South Africa.
  • The research uncovered a dramatic difference between smaller and larger merchants in their abilities to have an online presence and an online business. It also showed regional differences in technology inclusion, as well as an inhibiting factor based on employee size.
  • The survey identified the two biggest barriers to adopting new technology: cost (46 percent) and a lack of know-how (31 percent). While other barriers such as data security and privacy worries are also concerns (27 percent), the issues of cost and lack of understanding loom largest.
  • The gap between smaller-scale merchants and the domination of mega-retailers presents challenges for technology providers, banks and governments who work with smaller merchants. But in identifying common goals and cooperation, these partners can develop solutions for smaller merchants to help them close that gap.


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