Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Leading Bulgarian Taxi Company Goes Cashless

Don’t you hate the end of a cab ride? Fumbling for cash, finding the right assortment of coins and if not, waiting for the driver to provide change.

Together with MasterCard, Yellow Taxi started to supply our cabs with mobile point of sale (mPOS) systems. Through our partnership, all transactions made by a cardholder are automatically transferred to a Business MasterCard Prepaid that is provided to the taxi driver so that their money is directly at their disposal.Yellow_Here You can pay Contactless

Since the introduction of mPOS, there has been a significant increase in card payments. On top of that, other taxi companies in Bulgaria are now looking to equip their cars with mPOS devices!

Thanks to our partnership with MasterCard, Yellow Taxi can provide a modern service which makes customers’ lives easier. With contactless acceptance in our cabs, taxi passengers can pay quickly and securely.

We are always aiming to provide innovative services with high quality to our customers. Since the launch, we have provided more than 300 cars with mPOS terminals, including our Green Taxi, which is the first entirely electronic taxi in Bulgaria, and our call center receives more than 1,000 orders per month for a cab with POS terminal.

So the next time you are in Sofia, Bulgaria, keep your cash at home!