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Trip Hack explores what’s next for travel technology

Last week, we held a very special hackathon in the heart of east London’s thriving tech hub, Silicon Roundabout.

The theme was travel technology, and, as its name implies, the purpose of Trip Hack was to unearth clever new ways to help people on their journeys, within a city and beyond.

As Londoners’ love affair with contactless continues, every coder that came along to the event understood the power that payments technology can have in improving the travel experience.

The first underground rail journey took place in London 150 years ago and the London transport network is now host to 15 million trips every day.  It is a network that is almost entirely cashless, in a city that receives 19 million visitors each year so there is a huge potential to bring our innovation to millions of commuters and visitors to the capital.

That’s why we invited our friends at British Airways and Transport for London to be involved – to help explore the future for travel technology.

We asked the Government agency responsible for the promotion of London – London & Partners – to run the event for us, and it was a huge success.

We connected with very talented people, who worked tremendously hard on a range of great concepts, such as secure cycle parking, reducing the amount of luggage for visitors to carry on the Tube when they arrive in London, and reclaiming tax for international visitors, resulting in shorter airport queues.

The winners – Flyto – created ‎a tool for airline passengers to pay for their flight in instalments.  They receive £10,000 and the chance to pitch at London Tech Week, which begins on June 20th. We expect to see much more from these guys in due course.