Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

The new technology helping customers spend safely abroad this summer

Whatever you’re looking for from your holiday this summer, whether it’s sunshine, relaxation or adventure, there’s one thing we all have in common – we want paying for things to be hassle free.

Chances are, you’ve had your card declined before when you’ve been abroad. In fact, it’s a common problem as banks work to control fraud.


The good news is that Mastercard is introducing a number of new services to make spending away from home easier – meaning less unnecessary declines and a better experience for consumers and their banks.

Holiday hassle free: Mobile Location Alerts

Banks can verify their customers’ location by offering Mobile Location Alerts. Customers simply turn on their mobile device while traveling, and their bank can then confirm it’s really them making a purchase.

That means customers won’t have to remember to contact their bank and tell them their plans every time they travel. The location of their mobile device will alert their bank to expect transactions from wherever they are.

Putting Cardholders In Control  Another benefit for travelers is MasterCard’s In Control platform, helping customers plan for spending while they’re away. Providing real-time alerts via SMS or e-mail, In Control helps customers set spending limits and “turn on” or “turn off” credit, debit and small business cards at individual retailers or in specific countries.

Once set-up, you can then access In Control either through your bank’s mobile app and website or at a standalone site or app.

And finally…

Remember, using a credit, debit or registered prepaid card for purchases is the safest and most reliable way to spend while traveling. Mastercard is accepted around the world and consumers are always protected from unauthorised transactions.