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#pricelessberlin kicks off in the German Capital

image11Berlin is the second German city to join the global Priceless® Cities Program by MasterCard. The creative energy of the capital attracts flows of international visitors to one of the most fascinating cities in the world. MasterCard Priceless® Berlin builds on this trend and offers, as part of the global Priceless® Cities program, selected benefits to cardholders worldwide, as well as exclusive experiences in cooperation with local partners and international sponsorship commitments in the most sought after cities in the world. By means of “priceless moments” and extraordinary surprises Berliners and visitors get to
experience the city in all its facets anew. With this campaign MasterCard has been enabling added value and exclusive benefits to customers that fully adhere to MasterCard cardholder’s lifestyle and motivations.

Berlin, 9. July 2015 – Today Berlin became the second German city to join the global Priceless® Cities Program. In addition to the attractiveness of Berlin as a tourist destination, a variety of other factors tipped the scales: The capital is a growing economic and cultural base. Additionally, the city benefits from prestigious events, establishing the reputation of Berlin as a creative center. MasterCard enters into new partnership, supports Berlin as a city of creatives and artists like this year by committing as a partner of the Berlin International Film Festival, as well as recently at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, where MasterCard, in the future, wants to give young designers a platform through sponsorship. These partnerships are closely linked to the product line – you could pay at an exclusive MasterCard switch at the Berlinale, even without contact. Even at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin drinks could be paid contactless with MasterCard.

MasterCard celebrated the official launch on Thursday, July 9, 2015, MasterCard with two events: the fashion show of popular young Berlin label “Barre Noire” presented by MasterCard and a performance of “Flying Steps” in the Französische Friedrichstadt Kirche

image9MasterCard launches Priceless® Berlin in the capital Priceless® Berlin is a value-added program that is geared towards comprehensive services for consumers, and those mediated by banks to cardholders. The needs of the consumer are at the center: In the categories experience, shop, stay and eat is offered what excites Berliners and Berlin visitors. Through this strong service orientation the Priceless® Cities program is to be considered an integral part of the customer loyalty programs of MasterCard and the card-issuing banks and savings banks. With the launch of each Priceless® City the DNA of the city is to be detected to offer unique experiences for cardholders in collaboration with traders.

Under the motto “Priceless® Berlin – Experience the Priceless in Priceless® Berlin” the German capital becomes part of the international initiative that has been offering priceless moments for 17 years. This way, Berlin benefited most from additional attention from its citizens as well as visitors domestic and abroad. Meanwhile, the program spans more than 35 cities worldwide, including Rome, New York, Paris, London and Munich, where MasterCard offers relevant actions, events and experiences. There will be a number of offers and priceless moments available in Berlin, for example a unique fashion design by Ewa Herzog, “underwater” -Candlelit dinner at SEA LIFE Berlin or luxury at the Schlosshotel im Grunewald.

“The main concern of Priceless® Cities was to bring consumers and partners of MasterCard awareness regarding cashless payment and to put innovative solutions to the forefront,” said Pawel Rychlinski, General Manager Germany. Globally, cardholders are offered upwards of 1.000 such deals.

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