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Italy has the most superstitious football fans in Europe

MasterCard releases Fan Passion Report following survey of fans across Europe

According to the report, fans in Italy (73%) have more superstitions relating to football than other nationalities in Europe, just ahead of Spanish fans. Nearly half (47%) of Italians wear a certain item of lucky clothing during a match, 20% insist on sitting in the same seat every game and 13% eat or drink a specific food item or beverage.

To some nationalities, football is seen as a religion that is lived and breathed on a daily basis. None more so than in Italy where 69% of fans have chosen to miss an important family event to attend a football match. The Spanish are not far behind with 60% choosing football over family, with France coming in at 52%.


Michael Ballack, MasterCard Player Mascot Manager for the UEFA Champions League Final in Berlin, commented: “Football without fans just wouldn’t be the same. They are the heartbeat of the game and their passion for football is unbelievable. When you walk out of the tunnel, the wall of noise they create hits you and gives the players a huge boost. The fans are priceless.”

There were 5,017 respondents across 11 European countries for the Fan Passion Report survey – England, Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Sweden, Portugal and Hungary.