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Post Office Launches Prepaid MasterCard Card

The Post Office has launched the Post Office Money Card – a prepaid MasterCard® card that offers customers the opportunity to take control of their finances.  Customers have the choice of a ‘Pay As You Go’ or a ‘Pay Monthly option.’ Both provide the convenience of a credit or debit card, without the worry of spending beyond budget.

The cards can be topped up in every Post Office branch or mobile van, or via the website, call centre or SMS, once the customer’s details are registered. The maximum (free of charge) load at any one time is £500.  The Post Office Money Card provides a secure and convenient way to buy goods, online or in store and helps customers stay in control of their finances, as they will only be able to spend what is available on the card.

The introduction of the Post Office Money Card will help the Post Office drive growth in its financial service business, as well as offering customers a real alternative to other providers. The card maintains MasterCard’s focus on financial inclusion, increasing increase economic opportunities and life outcomes for the UK consumer.