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Statement on EU interchange legislation

The European Parliament’s formal adoption on 10 March of a new EU Regulation on Interchange Fees, will pave the way for new conditions for the issuance and acceptance of payment cards across the 31 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA). MasterCard is confident that, in the new regulatory environment and fast changing electronic payments reality, our business model will allow us to continuously offer the most innovative solutions, making consumers’ shopping experience as simple and secure as possible. 44657398

MasterCard trusts that this agreement will provide the necessary legal certainty for all players. MasterCard looks forward to working in partnership with the European institutions and other stakeholders to continue building a world beyond cash for the benefit of governments, business and Europeans everywhere.

At the same time, whilst efforts have been made by policy makers towards ensuring equal treatment of all market players, we remain concerned about the negative impact this may have on cardholders due to the Regulation’s one-size-fits-all approach and by the possible exclusion of some card schemes for another 3 years. We therefore encourage all Member States to respect the principle of equal treatment by ensuring that all schemes remain included in the Regulation’s scope, in particular where flexibility is provided for.