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Contactless tickets: statement on Transport for the North

The IPPR North, a UK think tank, today outlined a blueprint for a £15bn Government investment to revitalise public transport in the north of England.

Will Judge, MasterCard

Will Judge, MasterCard

The report, supported by MasterCard, proposes the creation of a Transport for London-style body for the north of England to better connect cities and fire up the economy.

One of key recommendations is that it should adopt a ticketing model like London’s contactless system.

Commenting on the report, Will Judge, head of urban mobility at MasterCard said: “The creation of Transport for the North presents a huge opportunity to advance the public transport infrastructure of the region and for the UK. Ticketing, payments and mobile technology are converging, and this presents huge potential to improve the transportation experience, and deliver costs savings for operators. We know from working with authorities in cities such as London, Chicago and Athens the benefits of implementing smarter payment systems on businesses, jobs and the increased convenience to users.

“In London, three million daily commuters and 19 million annual visitors can now benefit from the ease, speed and security which contactless payments bring. Reduced complexity in the system and increased traveller confidence has added to the number of passengers travelling on TfL services. The importance of how we access travel services should not be underestimated, so if public transport operators in the north can embrace smarter systems, the results can help create much a more inclusive and connected region for decades to come.”