Since its launch, Fivory has federated small merchants and large retailers. Involving the key players of the payment industry and of mass retail, Fivory accelerates the roll-out of its mobile payment solution and the dematerialization of the purchasing journey.

Paris, June 22nd, 2016 – Auchan Retail France, Oney and MasterCard join Fivory to accelerate the adoption and the roll-out of mobile payment and the dematerialization of the purchasing journey. All these players indeed participate in the development of a new open ecosystem, adapted to every player of the trade industry, including those of mass retail.

Fivory now has three new key partners, along with the Crédit Mutuel and Total Group. Already used by many merchants, the Fivory application sees its legitimacy strengthened thanks to its roll-out in all Auchan Retail France’s stores.

A completed mobile payment solution

In today’s mobile world, the Fivory application provides an appropriate answer to the new consumer habits. It dematerializes both the payment and the purchasing journey, regardless of the distribution channel used. This application relies upon an already operating infrastructure and an active community, structured around a privileged and innovative relationship between consumers and merchants.

 “Since its creation, Fivory has intended to deliver a sustainable solution that addresses the inevitable transformation of both the customer relationship and the payment generated by the smartphone generalization”, comments Christophe Dolique, CEO of Fivory. “Our will to build an ecosystem for and with the retail players is today materialized by the new partnership with three market players, leaders in their respective fields. Together, we have gone a step further in the consolidation of the market in favor of an industrial and open solution.”

Auchan Retail France, Oney and MasterCard contribute to the roll-out of Fivory by bringing new expertise both strong and complementary:

  • Auchan Retail France puts the digital and innovation at the center of its strategy to enhance the customer experience by delivering omni-channel purchasing journeys that are simple and smooth for its customers, especially with its MyAuchan application.
  • Oney builds on a first mobile payment experience within the retail world, initiated by the Flash’N Pay solution.
  • With the power of its international network and the acceptance of its MasterPass brand in the digital world, MasterCard offers Fivory a valuable springboard to accelerate its roll-out in France and abroad.

These new assets strengthen the know-how and the experiences already implemented to end up with a proven solution that addresses the requirements of large retailers and that relies upon the highest security standards. Universal, the service is intended to be free and accessible to all consumers, regardless of their bank, their smartphone or their mobile operator.

  “With this agreement, we pool our expertise to provide merchants with solutions that are always more innovative and flexible, and that match consumer’s new habits”, underlines Nicolas Dreyfus, Managing Director of Oney France. “We are happy to contribute to the development of this open and universal ecosystem in line with consumer’s expectations in their purchasing journey.”

An innovative service for Fivory and Auchan Retail France’s clients

Fivory’s roll-out will be effective in Auchan Retail France’s stores as of the beginning of 2017, and will be implemented through its various distribution channels: hypermarkets, drives, This solution will particularly enable customers to:

  • Pay for their purchases using their mobile phone in a simple, convenient and secured way, and access their purchase history, dematerialized receipts…
  • Have access to all the functionalities of their loyalty program and benefit from discounts, WAAOH pot, immediately when they pay with their mobile phone.
  • Benefit from financial services and payment facilities offered to Oney cardholders.

These services will be accessible through Fivory and MyAuchan applications. The latter also offers additional features such as shopping lists, product information, store news, connection with a salesman, etc. Thus, the complementarity of the two applications will provide Auchan Retail France’s clients a more rewarding and completely digital purchasing journey.

« We want to take advantage of the evolution of technologies and habits to simplify and improve customers’ experience at home, on the move, online or in stores. This new strategic partnership with Fivory will allow us to make the purchasing journey even more intuitive through our different channels, and will contribute to the development of mobile payment in France », adds Philippe Courbois, Innovation Director at Auchan Retail France.

To a standardized purchasing journey

Fivory was designed from the beginning to build a new ecosystem that brings together the worlds of payment and trade. The arrival of Auchan Retail France, Oney and MasterCard in the governance of Fivory alongside the Crédit Mutuel and Total Group, continues this logic, and is part of the desire to offer a solution open to a maximum of players in retail, independent trade and e-merchants.

“We are pleased to join Fivory and its partners and provide consumers with a shopping and payment experience ever richer, simpler and secure. This partnership will offer Fivory the interoperability with global acceptance network MasterPass which currently has 270,000 e-merchants across 31 countries. We always encourage market initiatives that MasterPassLogo_295x81offer consumers a nearby shopping experience and are delighted to stimulate international growth. We also welcome technological collaboration opportunities for MasterCard with Fivory that will further enrich the mobile payment experience of consumers”, says Bart Willaert, General Manager MasterCard in France.

“In the mobile payment industry where the initiatives are multiplying, the new partnerships strengthen Fivory in its open and cooperative model. For TOTAL, Fivory’s choice fits into a global strategy that aims at offering more services to its clients. By favoring the emergence of new purchasing journeys and innovative offerings, our group mainly wants to facilitate its clients’ lives”
comments Gilles Bourron, Head of Payments and Mobility at TOTAL.

These partnerships illustrate the strength and diversity of this new ecosystem vital to the adoption of mobile payments by consumers, with the objective of federating always more players.


About Fivory
Fivory is the first mobile payment application combined with a social media shopping network where consumers and merchants are regrouped and can interact within a chosen relation. Fivory developed an innovative and unique technology using “Mobile Wallet” making merchant-consumer relations the major value proposition to accompany consumer-habit changes. So by using just one application, consumers can both pay for purchases with their favorite merchants as well as keep updated with any news, special offers and electronic fidelity programs.

About Auchan Retail France
AUCHAN RETAIL 962 hypermarkets, 2,874 convenience stores and e-commerce in 16 countries €52,731 million in consolidated revenue excluding taxes (+1.5%) In 2015, Auchan Retail recorded consolidated revenue excluding taxes of €52,731 million, up 1.5% at current exchange rates. While sales activity remained difficult in France, with revenue falling by 2.7% (the convenience stores generated a better performance than the hypermarkets), and in the euro zone excluding France, which saw a decline of 4.1%, mainly attributable to Italy, Auchan Retail saw a sharp increase at constant exchange rates in Central and Eastern Europe (+9.0%) and Asia (+5.1%). Overall, the group’s revenue increased by 1.2% at constant exchange rates. This rise proves the ability of Auchan Retail to develop in all countries a differentiating offer, answering the expectations of its clients, through attractive and diversified formats. In parallel, Auchan Retail sped up its cross-canal development in France, which can be illustrated by the rise in visits on by almost 20%. With nearly 120 million visitors in 2015, the website is now listed as the 14th French retail website. By harmonizing all of its retail channels (hypermarkets, convenience stores and e-commerce) within each country in order to offer its customers the best omni-channel and interconnected shopping solutions, the new group organization implemented in October 2015 will put Auchan Retail in position to speed up growth over the coming years.


About Oney
Founded in 1983, Oney is now present in 11 countries (France, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Malta, China, Romania and Ukraine). It has 2000 employees around the world of which 900 are in France. Oney partners with merchants and provides support for all sales channels to redefine and optimize the customer experience by capitalizing on its dual identity as a banker and merchant. Thanks to innovative technology, its thorough understanding of all electronic banking and payment solutions, its customer knowledge and its understanding of new consumer habits, Oney is helping its partners provide their customers with a simple, secure, cross-canal and innovative shopping experience. Find out more  Discover Oney solutions portfolio to optimize the purchasing journey of tomorrow by clicking here.

About MasterCard
MasterCard,, is a technology company in the global payments industry. We operate the world’s fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. MasterCard products and solutions make everyday commerce activities – such as shopping, traveling, running a business and managing finances – easier, more secure and more efficient for everyone.
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 About the Marketing & Services division of Total
Total Marketing & Services develops and markets products primarily derived from crude oil, along with all of the associated services. With 29,000 employees in 110 countries, Total Marketing & Services serves more than 4 million customers daily throughout its network of over 16,000 service stations. As the world’s fourth largest distributor of lubricants and the leading distributor of petroleum products in Africa, Total Marketing & Services operates 50 production sites worldwide where it manufactures the lubricants, bitumen, additives, special fuels and fluids that sustain its growth.

 About the Crédit Mutuel
As a major European bank, known for its financial soundness and the quality of its ratios, the Crédit Mutuel sticks to its core business, i.e. retail banking, and to its mutualist values. It has diversified gradually: towards bank & insurance from the beginning of the 70s, and towards other activities (telecoms, tele-monitoring, contactless payment etc.) more recently. At the heart of its development strategy from the beginning, its technological expertise has made it a European player.

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