Mastercard has launched a new platinum travel card, allowing issuers to offer exclusive benefits and features to customers travelling abroad. Young businessman using digital tablet on lounge chair at park

The card can store balances of multiple currencies, and exchange rates can be locked in before any trip for peace of mind. Around the world no card is more widely accepted than a Mastercard, giving cardholders the knowledge they can use their card to pay for meals, drinks, in shops or whatever they chose, without worrying about keeping their money safe. If they need cash, they can use the card to withdraw it at ATMs worldwide.

Cardholders also benefit from platinum extras including:

  • Exclusive experiences and offers in cities around the world through Priceless Cities, only available to Mastercard holders
  • Three months’ free Wi-Fi access globally through Boingo hotspots to help customers get online overseas/
  • Merchant offers and deals
  • ATM finder and worldwide emergency cash service
  • Transaction alerts when balance is low
  • Easy top-up and balance enquiries online or via issuers’ mobile apps

Jason Field, Director, Prepaid Product Management at Mastercard commented: “Prepaid travel cards are safer than carrying cash and take the worry out of going abroad. The control and peace of mind customers get with cards is unrivalled, but we want to make sure they also benefit from the exclusive experiences and benefits that come with having a Mastercard. The added flexibility of multi-currency loading guarantees that travelling around different countries doesn’t mean fumbling with currencies and losing out on the best exchange rates.”

The Platinum Prepaid Travel Card is now available to Prepaid Issuers, and this week launched to consumers via Travelex.


/Limited to three months from registration and an additional three months each time you reload your card with a qualifying amount.