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Mastercard enables Romania and Belgium to raise the Contactless limit and champions permanent increase across Europe

The partnership aims to boost the adoption of card payment technology by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), helping them reach more customers and grow their business

By Javier Perez, President Europe 2020 is upon us and as we find ourselves at the dawn of a whole new decade, I can’t help but notice that over the past years, people have not only embraced a plethora of new payment methods – such as contactless or the possibility to pay via their phones, …
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Farewell to Paperwork

19 April, 2016 14:36

Despite the huge advances in technology in recent decades, the reality is that many public administrations remain stuck in the pre-digital age. Although the term “paperwork” may have lost some of its literal meaning in most aspects of our daily lives, it is still as pertinent as ever when dealing with certain public services. And …
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