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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

A 90-year-old flower stand in Brazil now accepts electronic payment

My name is Thiago dos Santos Rosa and my connection with flowers goes far beyond my name, which means “rose” in Portuguese. Daisies and lilies are part of my life’s story. I am in charge of Du Flores, a street-side flower stand that is open 24 hours, located at Cemitério do Araçá, a cemetery in the city of São Paulo.flowershop brazil-01 My family has been running Du Flores for nearly 90 years, passing the business down from generation to generation: my grandmother passed the torch to my father, and he passed it on to me.

Throughout the years, the flower business at the cemetery has gone through significant changes. Back then, florists sold single unarranged flowers, mainly to people visiting the cemetery. Today, we have seven people working at Du Flores, and the business is more focused on flower gifts and arrangements. Many people are surprised that our patrons visit us to buy flower gifts; believe it or not they come very often! In fact, 95% of our sales are gifts to brighten up someone’s day.

In this business, customers are used to paying with cash. However, ten years ago we decided to differentiate ourselves by accepting cards. This transformed our business significantly! Thanks to card payments, our sales increased by 15%, and today they represent 65% of our total sales. Our clients would certainly go elsewhere if we did not offer the convenience of accepting cards, mostly because the largest number of sales happens in the evening, when people leave work and go home. Everyone has limited time during these peak hours, so the speed of paying by cards is always appreciated.

In addition, we also changed how we manage our cash flow, and this called for more professional management practices DuFlores-12_editthan ever before. Now, all card payments go to our bank account, we can keep strict track of the company’s sales and pay our vendors in a more secure environment. We have peace of mind that they will receive their payments and we feel safer because we do not carry cash in our wallets at all times. Also, visits to the bank are less frequent now and we can dedicate more time to the business.

It is great to see how our business has flourished in the recent years, not only because of the flower arrangement trend catching on, but also, thanks to the return of loyal customers who appreciate the convenience of paying by card!