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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Our Safety & Security Resolution for Latin America

As 2015 begins, many of us have put together our list of New Year’s resolutions, including the team at MasterCard. We have many goals for the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region. Our first priority remains the same year after year:  to continue using our technology to give consumers the peace of mind to pay with confidence, and build a world beyond cash where every payment is protected.

For close to 50 years, MasterCard has been leading the way in making payments simple and secure. On a global level, our networks are screening 1.8 billion transactions every month to detect and combat fraud, and we are constantly working on deliveSecurity 4ring ways that our data and insights can help drive increased security across any device, anywhere.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, we are launching products that have the latest technology built-in, such as EMV/Chip and PIN, which are already in the hands of consumers in more than 35 markets around the region. We are also bringing digital solutions like MasterPass, allowing consumers to securely transact via electronic commerce.

What’s more, we are providing financial institutions with powerful tools that significantly reduce fraud by enabling their cardholders to set spending limits or blocks on cards, as well as fraud monitoring tools designed to keep payments safe at all times, whether they are made in person or online.

Around the world, we are entering a new era in the industry of payments and security is looking better than ever. We are trialing physical biometrics to develop unparalleled safety and security for your payments. We are leading the creation of new authentication standards that will decrease the use of passwords, and with exciting new developments in tokenization, we will continue to pioneer security technologies to make the future of your payments even more secure.

We know the way consumers pay will continue to change, and that’s why we won’t stand still in making safety and security our #1 priority. That has been our resolution and guarantee for nearly 50 years and will continue to be for those to come.