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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Just one week away from Masters of Code Mexico!

We are only a week away from opening the doors to our Masters of Code Hackathon in Mexico City. Much expectation has built around the challenge that awaits 150 coders – with each of them competing for the supreme national title.

As its states in MasterCard’s mission statement – we are a technology company, thus it’s no surprise that innovation is in our DNA.  We strive for magic by facilitating the right ingredients to create easier ways to pay; we are a modern Merlin, in a Sword in the Stone world, looking for the master artisan coders that will pull the sword out.

The setting is ready – strong partners, an awesome venue, MasterCard’s APIs, expert support and superb prizes.  Now we just need to find our Arthur.

The Masters of Code Hackathon promises to be priceless. The winner will have a chance to compete in the Grand Finale in Silicon Valley were their dreams might just come true with over 100,000 US dollars in prizes and a StartPath program to accelerate and incubate their idea.

The theme of the Mexico competition is to find ways to improve the travel and/or transit experience leveraging the MasterPass wallet.  Travel and transit are two of the most relevant and connected payment experiences for millions of consumers. Opportunities are endless!

We are living a payments revolution era in a fast paced digital world. Mexico is ready to demonstrate why so many of the best ideas, startups & developers are here.  Our innovators also want to contribute to the next generation of apps and solutions that will facilitate digital payments.  If you’re a coder we hope you join us on Aug 1st and 2nd to witness and/or become part of what will surely be the best Masters of Code event yet.

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