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Mastercard and Pelé Celebrate the Unifying Power of Football to Inspire Fans to #StartSomethingPriceless

Mastercard has teamed up with one of world’s greatest player – Pelé– to celebrate the unifying power of football and inspire fans to spark action and #StartSomethingPriceless.

Football is a unifying force across the world, it has the power to unite people all over the world around a shared passion, despite cultural biases. Mastercard has been a long-time supporter of international football, a sport that is centered on human connections, and that is the most loved and mobilizing sport in Latin America and the Caribbean. Mastercard’s #StartSomethingPriceless campaign is about supporting one another to inspire change, ignite a passion, make a difference, and even start a movement.

22 Languages video

Through an emotional and powerful short-film starring Pelé and 22 football fans from around the world, Mastercard shows how when people get together to pursue a common purpose, extraordinary things can happen. We can transform small moments and create amazing memories.

“It’s something that’s very important to remember. The role of football, no doubt, is to put people together,” affirmed Pelé in the film.

Pelé’s candid interview with ESPN

During a recent interview with ESPN , Pelé earnestly talked about his career and how the human connections have made a difference in his life, not just as the football icon he has become, but also as a human being. “Football has helped me establish friendships that have lasted a lifetime…” affirmed Pelé. “ [Football] opened the doors to the world for me and allowed me to make friends from different cultures.”.

The strong connections and bonds created on the football field are deeply rooted, and have the power of traversing cultural borders, unite people, and spark memories that last a lifetime.

When asked about the unconventional friendship between the top players of the two most rival nations – Messi and Neymar Jr., Pelé affirmed “Neymar and Messi are very similar in their sportsmanship, they work hard and train hard.”

Messi and Neymar are an example of two #10s who, together, have managed to overcome the Argentina-Brazil rivalry in order to contribute to the sport, thus achieving spectacular games.

Find out what Pelé’s thoughts are on football, friendship, family bonds, and the strong connections that are made possible through this amazing sport


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