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Spending a #Cashless Weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Could you spend an entire weekend without a single bill or coin in your pocket? Going cashless definitely has its benefits: it is safer, more convenient and easier than carrying cash everywhere you go. In some countries around the world such as Sweden, cashless societies are already a reality, but in Latin America we still have a long way to go to achieve this goal.

That’s why starting today, we are challenging TV and radio personality Guillermo Catalano to live three days in Buenos Aires using only his Mastercard and to document the whole experience in his social networks. Do you think Guillermo will meet the challenge? We invite you to follow him this weekend on his Twitter, Facebook and Periscope accounts (@FieritaCatalano) with the hashtags #SinEfectivo and #MiLugar.

And if you know of any good restaurants, bars or shops that accept card payments in Buenos Aires, make sure to let Guillermo know. It can be his next stop on his #cashless challenge!