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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Cashless Delivers for Chimes Far Eastern Cuisine

Shenika De Levira is the Co-Owner and Managing Director of Chimes Far Eastern Restaurant, here she shares her Cashless Pioneer story with MasterCard. Read and watch below to understand how electronic payments has helped to improve her take-out delivery business.

Watch the video here.

“Chimes,” a word with pleasing aural associations, signifies the seamless blending of several musical notes into a harmonious whole. That was our thinking when we launched Chimes far eastern restaurant in Dubai several years ago – we wanted to create a menu and ambience that was in tune and represented the very best of the regional cuisines of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia—countries that share our passionate approach to food.

When we first started the restaurant, we only accepted cash payments for take-out deliveries. We noticed our delivery orders growing fast and the requests for card acceptance for these deliveries growing even faster. Faced with having to turn down delivery orders from customers without cash at hand, we decided to make the switch and start accepting card payments.CHIMES delivery_Dubai Cashless Pioneer

Leveraging cashless technology to accept debit and credit cards has helped our business tremendously; we have increased delivery orders from customers that don’t like to rely on cash, and we also secured more regular orders. In addition, cashless payments have greatly simplified our accounting practices. We have reduced our trips to the bank to source cash for our delivery team, and bookkeeping has become much easier.

When we started our business, we had a vision of providing our guests with delicious food at reasonable prices and making every Chimes experience as memorable as possible. We can now proudly say that we have a well-established and convenient delivery business which accounts for 70% of our turnover, which has benefitted from the introduction of portable electronic payment terminals.

Speaking from experience, I would recommend that all small businesses consider electronic payments – it really makes a difference!

Watch the video here.