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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Fawry Makes Bill Payment Easier for Egyptians

Ashraf Sabry serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Fawry, an electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) company. Here he shares his Cashless Pioneer story with MasterCard. Read and watch below to understand how paying bills electronically through this one-stop service is making Egyptians’ lives easier.


When we founded Fawry, an electronic bill payment and presentment company, we were very aware of the gap between card usage and the limited acceptance points in Egypt. Our aim was to extend acceptance channels beyond the traditional card acceptance points to make life easier for consumers in Egypt.

We started our operations in early 2010 when Fawry enabled convenient and secure bill payments through a single, unified electronic network. Today, the Fawry network is comprised of 40,000 payment service points, including bank ATM machines, Egypt Post offices, pharmacies, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Recognizing the need to continue providing our customers with innovative payment options, we worked closely with MasterCard to offer cardholders a new and convenient method for bill payments. The launch of MasterCard Bill Payment services on the Fawry network allowed us to offer consumers a new and convenient method to pay their bills at any of the payment service points. This is the first time a one-stop service like this has been introduced in Egypt and MasterCard cardholders were the first to enjoy this fast, easy, secure and convenient bill payment channel.

This innovation not only simplifies consumers’ lives, but allows more merchants to become a part of the electronic payments cycle, giving them the opportunity to safely conduct transactions and appeal to consumers who prefer not using cash. We have seen significant growth rates, and have managed to reach up to 1 million transactions per day.

Fawry’s service is playing a key role in revolutionizing the payment industry in Egypt, a country where only 10% of the population of 85 million people has access to formal banking services.

Watch the video here.