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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Going Cashless, One Byte at a Time

Dial a Nerd, which began as  a garage start-up, provides on-site and off-site technology support for educational institutions, professional firms, small businesses and home computer users, including setting up new systems and solutions, IT security, cloud services and fixing general IT problems.

Online security is critical for businesses and online shoppers, and our all-in-one IT security solutions ensure that information and data stored on computers is protected.

We love helping people out of their technology emergencies, especially when computer problems prevent day-to-day responsibilities such as invoicing customers. It is our job to fix their computer problems quickly so that they are operational in no time and can get back to making money.

We have accepted electronic payments for a number of years already, but being able to accept card payments using a mobile device carried by our technicians has kept us at the cutting edge of technology, while boosting our business too.

Accepting electronic payments with a mobile device means that our technicians are safer out on the road, because they are not carrying cash, and our customers are able to pay us quickly and efficiently when a job is complete. This also means that our debtors’ book has been reduced, which in turn has improved our cash flow.

I am proud to be a cashless pioneer, and I would certainly encourage other businesses to take advantage of the security and convenience made possible by mobile cashless payments.