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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Cashless Pioneers: Bouncing Towards a Cash Free Future

Greg joined the BOUNCE crew in its infancy thanks to a chance discussion with a friend at a flying trapeze class. As soon as his feet hit the tramps, he knew it was where he wanted to be!

I came to BOUNCE Dubai from the original BOUNCE down-under in Melbourne, Australia, where I spent the last four years free-falling around and pretending to work, but having far too much fun in the process.

Dubai is a young and energetic city and the response we have had from the public at BOUNCE has been incredible. We have people queuing outside on a daily basis just waiting for us to open.

Customers can now use cards to pay for their sessions at BOUNCE, with the majority choosing to pay online in advance, so there is no need for them to carry cash – or lose their spare change during an energetic bouncing session! Electronic payments also mean that our instructors can meet clients anywhere in our massive venue to accept payments, which is super convenient for both them and us. We have people from all walks of life visiting us, so offering flexibility in our payment options is really important.

I absolutely recommend other small businesses to start accepting electronic payments. As a fast-paced business we need to operate quickly, so for us cashless is the obvious way forward.