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FAQ document – Mastercard e-comm Digital Solution

Q: What is being launched?

Mastercard and Nigerian tech start-up NetPlus have developed a simple and secure e-commerce solution that removes the obstacles of cash at the point of delivery and makes cash a thing of the past for e-retailers and consumers alike. The biggest challenge facing online retailers is cash, as it poses logistical issues and puts the consumer, merchant and delivery service at risk. Digitizing the sector will ensure efficiency, transparency and security – and allow the online sector to reach its full potential in Africa.


Q: Why was this e-comm solution developed?

The African e-commerce sector is plagued by cash, with the majority of payments still being made in cash at the point of delivery. Understanding the impact of this challenge, Mastercard and NetPlus partnered to develop a digital solution that overcomes the logistical and security risks of cash to consumers, merchants and delivery services.

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