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Global Muslim Travel Index 2015


In 2011 CrescentRating published the first ever research into the Halal travel market with the release of the Top 10 Muslim friendly holiday destinations. A year later this report was enhanced to include new data to distinguish between destinations with a large Muslim population (OIC member states) and others. The 2012 report included rankings of the Top 10 Muslim friendly OIC holiday destinations and Top 10 Muslim friendly non-OIC holiday destinations.
In 2013 the Index further evolved to cover 50 destinations across the world with each rated out of a score of 10. This list was expanded to cover 60 destinations in 2014. The MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) is a natural progression of the previous research released by CrescentRating during the last four years. This partnership means the GMTI 2015 will be the most comprehensive research released on this fast growing travel segment.

For those in the tourism industry, the GMTI will be an invaluable tool in understanding just how Muslim travel is impacting the overall travel market. It will provide every stakeholder in the travel and hospitality sector, including travelers, tourism boards, economists, travel services providers, stakeholders, investors and industry specialists with comprehensive benchmarks across a number of important criteria to track the
health and the growth of this travel segment.

The GMTI 2015 studies an enhanced set of metrics and deeper data compared with the rankings and reports released over the last four years by CrescentRating. It will help destinations and those responsible for tourism to better benchmark the services they offer and use the detailed analysis in the report to improve processes and how they attract the Muslim traveler. In addition, travelers will have the information to make educated choices when planning trips.


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