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Gender Inequality Persists in the South African Workplace: MasterCard Study

MasterCard today revealed the South African findings of the 2014 MasterCard Index of Women’s Advancement, which tracks the progress of women towards gender parity according to three indicators: Employment (workforce participation and regular employment), Capability (secondary and tertiary education), and Leadership (business owners, business leaders and political leaders).

While the overall 2014 Index score of 73.5 is marginally higher than the scores of 73.4 in 2013 and 73.4 2012, it remains true that women are not equal to men in the South African workplace.

“South African women have equal access to secondary and tertiary education, and regular employment opportunities appear to be more available to women than to men. These factors lay the essential foundations of economic empowerment and financial independence,” says Mark Hearne, Acting Division President, MasterCard, South Africa.

For more information, see the full press release.