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MasterCard African Cities Growth Index Ranks Maputo as Top Large City in Africa

Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, is the large African city with the highest potential for inclusive growth, according to the 2015 MasterCard African Cities Growth Index (ACGI). Casablanca (Morocco) and Lagos (Nigeria) rank second and third respectively.

The ACGI maps African cities’ economic outlook according to their potential for inclusive urbanisation. The 74 analysed cities are organised into three categories by population size: large     (> 1,000,000), medium (500,000 – 1,000,000) and small (< 500,000). Twenty five economic and social inclusion indicators rank cities’ level of inclusive urbanisation, forecasting potential for inclusive growth.

According to MasterCard, cities have a role to play in economic growth, particularly in the developing world where rapid urbanisation and an expanding middle class characterise the evolution of most of them. The only way to ensure sustained, inclusive economic growth is through the financial inclusion of all individuals, communities and countries – starting with the inclusive development of cities.

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