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Online shopping growing steadily in the Middle East and Africa

The MasterCard Online Shopping Behavior Study has been released in the Middle East and Africa, highlighting positive findings for online shopping across the region.

In Africa, 71 per cent of respondents surveyed (in South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and Morocco) indicated that they are likely to make online purchases in the coming months, up from 57 per cent last year and 58 per cent in 2012.

A similar increase was observed by respondents in the Middle East (Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia), where 60 per cent expect to make online purchases, up from 54 per cent last year and the year before.

The Online Shopping Behavior Survey, which measures consumers’ propensity to shop online, was conducted from the end 2013 to January 2014, and was based on interviews with 500 respondents in each market.

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MasterCard Infographic_South Africa

MasterCard Infographic_Middle East