Randa Bdeir
Randa Bdeir

Randa Bdeir

Randa Bdeir is the Group Head of Electronic Banking & Card Services in Bank Audi - Audi Saradar Group since February 2004. Mrs. Bdeir has spearheaded key strategic initiatives that have significantly advanced the bank’s position as a leader and innovator in the electronic payments industry.

Mrs. Bdeir was the first to have introduced in 1994 card issuing business; she played a major role in introducing and developing the ATM business, merchant & e-commerce in the Lebanese market.
She was the first as well to introduce in 2003 the credit card business in the Syrian market, in addition to the ATM and acquiring business.
Foremost on her list of achievements, Mrs. Bdeir had an essential role in embracing the CSR concept (to support the Lebanese Lira) by integrating it in a credit card product which pushed the people to support the local currency. This product has been granted 7 different awards for its concept, branding, advertising, etc…

Mrs. Bdeir was the first one to invent the concept of the internet card in 1997 to which she received recognition.
She closely follows up the technology evolution trends and innovation and thrives to implement them; she recently introduced the contactless technology through a plastic card (proximity payment through a plastic card) and is introducing the Near Field Communication (NFC) which is the contactless payment through a mobile device.
She has been and still a member in the board of many local and International companies that deal with the card payment industry, like Credit Card Management (CCM) and International Payment Network (IPN)
She is the first Arab woman to be a member of the board of Directors of MasterCard Worldwide for South Asia, Middle East & Africa Region, since 2000 till present
She has been elected among the top 70 Arab women in 2008.

Mrs. Bdeir holds a bachelor in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut and a master's degree in money & Banking from the same university.
She always follows up on new technologies related to the payment card industry by attending major conferences executive programs from renown universities.