Over 90 per cent of respondents were satisfied with their online shopping experience

Beirut, Lebanon, 21 April, 2015:MasterCard today released the results of its Online Shopping Behaviour study that reveals that 59 per cent of the survey’s respondents in Lebanon accessed the internet for online shopping in 2014, representing an increase of 45 per cent compared to the previous year. The survey also found that 92 per cent of the respondents who had made a purchase online were satisfied with their online shopping experience. The increase witnessed in online shopping amongst respondents in Lebanon was the highest compared to the rest of MENA.

The Online Shopping Behaviour Survey, which measures consumers’ propensity to shop online, was conducted at the end of last year and was based on interviews with 4000 respondents across eight markets in the Middle East and North Africa including Lebanon.

“Consumers in Lebanon are recognized for being early adopters of technology, which is reflected in the sharp increase in usage of mobile devices for online shopping,” commented Aaron Oliver, Head of Emerging Payments – Middle East and Africa, MasterCard. “With a well-developed internet infrastructure and several established local online retailers in the market, consumers will continue to benefit from the added convenience, speed and security that comes with e-commerce.”

Websites such as Shtrina, Shopinleb followed by Amazon and Getforless were found to be the most commonly visited sites for online shopping in Lebanon. Airlines enjoyed the highest level of absolute online spend, followed by hotels, supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants and food delivery services.

Online shopping decisions were impacted by a number of aspects, with 92 per cent of respondents highlighting the monetary value of items. Close to 90 per cent of respondents also indicated that they chose merchants based on their reputation, and cited the availability of secure payment facilities as a key factor in online shopping decisions.

Mobile shopping

The number of respondents using mobile phones to make purchases online has increased significantly in Lebanon. 40 per cent of the respondents said they made purchases via their phones during the three months prior to the study, up from six per cent in 2013.

The respondents pointed to two key enablers for using their handhelds to make purchases online – the availability of easy-to-use apps, as well as the convenience of being able to shop on the go.

The leading categories of products that were purchased through mobile phones included clothing and accessories, phone apps and computer software.

Note to editors: More information and previously released MasterCard survey results can be found at www.masterintelligence.com. The survey and its accompanying reports do not represent MasterCard financial performance.

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