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Bringing Electronic Payments to Bogota’s Public Transport System

 Imagen Bancolombia Recaudo

Today, Recaudo Bogotá S.A.S, Bancolombia and MasterCard have announced the inclusion of electronic payments to promote and facilitate access to Bogotá’s Integrated Public Transit System (SITP). To this end, Bancolombia will be issuing Maestro debit cards with a transit functionality.

The implementation of electronic payments will make the transit systems more convenient and efficient, with better entry control, reducing the irregularities that have limited its growth and expansion. This is part of a larger MasterCard initiative to improve Colombia’s urban mobility and already includes taxis and public transportation systems, like the SITP.

Now cardholders will be able to go to Bancolombia and request their Maestro debit card in order to have a single product that will allow them access to the Integrated Public Transit System and make bank transactions.

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