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Colombian Cities Adopt Electronic Payments for Mass Transportation

Colombia leads the integration of electronic payments in transportation systems in Latin America, thanks to the implementation of MasterCard technology in several cities. Today Colombians can access mass transportation systems such as the SITP in Bogota, Mío in Cali, TransMetro in Barranquilla and more recently, the Medellin Metro through their banking cards.


“Electronic payments offer transparency, efficiency and greater control. In addition, they promote connectivity and the use of a single means of payment at different points. MasterCard is convinced that a world beyond cash brings advantages and benefits, both for transportation systems’ users and operators.  Thanks to our technology and experience in implementing these solutions in other countries, we contribute to the construction of inclusive, safe, dynamic and sustainable cities in Colombia”, explained Marcela Carrasco, president MasterCard Colombia and Ecuador.

MasterCard, well aware of the needs of cities and their populations, has worked with different allies in urban mobility transformation projects through innovative payment solutions. This is part of a comprehensive strategy to promote more efficient and intelligent cities through electronic payments.  Through these types of alliances taxis and buses from integrated systems, such as Transmilenio in Bogota and the Medellin Metro, are enabled to accept this payment method.

The company, in collaboration with Bancolombia, Recaudo Bogota, Metro de Medellin, and SmartTaxi, among others, has designed innovative solutions that look to enhance urban mobility, fulfill citizens’ needs, and drive awareness from users and administrators regarding the benefits and advantages of incorporating electronic payments.

In response to these initiatives, María Cristina Arrastía, VP for Corporate Personal and SME Banking, Bancolombia, states that “Through this initiative in Medellín – and other cities in Colombia – we are providing comfortable, safe and trustworthy solutions that improve access to public transportation and facilitate mobility for citizens.