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Enabling a Secure Experience for Mobile Consumers

Every month, more than 75 million mobile users travel abroad, yet according to an EU study published last week up to 94 percent of consumers limit the use of their mobile data when traveling in another country – which is likely in an effort to avoid roaming charges.

The collaboration between MasterCard and Syniverse that was announced today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona could give mobile users a choice of prepaid data packages that they can purchase directly from their phones when they arrive in their destination country, for example using MasterPass, our innovative digital payment solution.

The two companies are also currently in pilot-phase for an opt-in service that will enable card transactions for users only when they have their mobile device switched on in a specific geolocation abroad. This service can give consumers extra peace of mind that their card will not be used without their knowledge, while reducing any frustrations associated with having their own transactions unnecessarily declined when trying to make purchases in another country.


By combining the intelligence and speed of MasterCard’s payments network with the mobile geolocation capabilities of Syniverse, the two partners enable enhanced payment security and convenience ‘on the go’.

For more background on this collaboration, hear directly from Jeff Gordon CEO, Syniverse, and Hany Fam, President Global Strategic Alliances, MasterCard.