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Harnessing Women Power as Key to Economic Growth in Asia

MasterCard issues a new Insights Report, “Women Power and Economic Growth in Asia,” looking at how women contribute to economic growth in economies of 17 markets in East, Southeast, and South Asia.  To complete the report, a detailed analysis of women’s labor force participation was conducted.

Authored by Dr. Simon Ogus, Chief Executive Officer, DSGAsia Limited, with an introduction by Dr. Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, Global Economic Advisor, MasterCard, it aims to identify the role of education in boosting labor productivity.  Read the full press release and download the report.

“There is an urgency to better understand how women’s labor force participation can be raised in a region as diverse as Asia.  While markets such as Japan and South Korea are ageing surprisingly fast, others such as Cambodia and Myanmar are just stepping onto the global stage as they embrace economic reform.  Across all these markets, raising women’s labor force participation rate offers the obvious solution to achieving economic development,” said Dr. Hedrick-Wong.   Listen to his interview here:

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