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Talking Inclusive Growth at the World Economic Forum

This year, the World Economic Forum will focus on the New Global Context – a look at today’s profound political, economic, social, and above all technological transformations, and their impact on decision-making and challenging progress at the global, regional and national level.  MasterCard, as a global leader in facilitating commerce and enabling financial inclusion, will be at this year’s gathering to discuss how advancements in technology are offering unprecedented potential for economic growth and productivity.

Ajay Banga, MasterCard president and CEO, will speak on a panel titled “Inclusive Growth in the Digital Age” with MIT Professor Erik Brynjolfsson and senior executives from Infosys, Bloomberg LP and Ericsson.  This session will be webcast live on Wednesday January 21 at 10:15 CET.

In addition to this public forum, over the week MasterCard executives will be busy participating in a number of public and private sessions such as:

  • Walt Macnee, Vice-Chairman and President of the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth, participating in a number of events focused on the evolving role of business to address societal challenges and applications of technology for social good.
  • Ann Cairns, President of International Markets, leading a discussion on addressing the business gender gap and speaking on a panel at the World Food Programme’s Annual Dinner on “Empowered Women and Innovation” with Melinda Gates, Kofi Annan and Paul Polman.

To find out more about MasterCard’s activities at Davos during the week, follow and join in conversations on Twitter @MasterCardNews and @CNTR4growth, and check in all week to read up on latest news and perspectives.

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