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Leveraging Technology to Bolster Humanitarian Aid Distribution

This piece is brought to you as part of MasterCard’s participation in ACCION’s Center for Financial Inclusion’s FI2020 Week. Help us build momentum around addressing the most significant gaps in financial inclusion by sharing your story across social via #FI2020.

A timely and thought-provoking article Sara Netzer of Save the Children USA illustrates the positive impact digital and mobile technologies are having on the delivery of humanitarian assistance. Tweet: #MasterCard, @Savethechildren & other aid organizations change the way we distribute humanitarian aid #FI2020 The Children

We recently partnered with Save the Children and other aid organizations to implement the MasterCard Aid Network, an electronic voucher system that replaces the use of paper vouchers in distributing aid. It’s faster, more secure and more efficient than the labor-intensive paper voucher methodology … and as Sara confirms, it has worked well in Yemen and other war-torn or disaster-ravaged countries.

We’re proud of the success of this new system, and echo Sara’s plea encouraging others in the private sector to partner with development organizations to develop new innovations to improve human development and equity.

Read the full article here.