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New Research Finds Gaps between Small Businesses and Technology Adoption

Nearly 90 percent of small businesses have an online presence, but only 20 percent of them can sell products and services online. This is one of the major findings of Merchant Scope,” a new global study conducted by MasterCard that explores the challenges and opportunities related to small businesses and technology adoption.

The study, which was conducted among small business owners in Canada, Brazil, Germany and South Africa, found that the two biggest barriers to adopting retail and payment technology were high costs (46 percent) and a lack of know-how (31 percent).

MasterCard’s research also uncovered industry and regional differences for small businesses and technology adoption. For example, Hospitality and Restaurant businesses invest a larger portion of their revenue (on average 8.1 percent and 11.8 percent more respectively) than Retail and Personal Services sectors. On average, 56 percent of Canadian and Brazilian merchants use smartphones to assist in running their businesses, while only about 32 percent of German and South African merchants do the same.

For more detailed findings on small businesses and technology adoption, visit the Merchant Scope digital press  kit and download the research report titled, “Merchant Scope: Small to Mid-Sized Merchants Seek Competitive Technology in Omni-Channel World.”

In addition, visitors to the interactive Merchant Scope website can create customized reports that show how businesses of a particular industry, market, or size responded to the survey questions and get tailored insights for the segment that matters most to them.