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North American Psyche of Shopping: Why, Where and What Holds us Back from Online Shopping

From shopping in mobile apps to tapping a contactless reader in the grocery store, consumers across North America are shopping in more ways than ever before. According to a recent survey commissioned by MasterCard, The Psyche of Shopping, more than half (52%) of North American consumers say one of the top reasons for shopping online or via mobile device is the ease of checkout and information storing. Tweet: More than half of North American consumers shop online because of ease of checkout #OnlineShopping

Consumers certainly are shopping wherever they want. Believe it or not, nearly two out of five consumers in North America (37%) have shopped online or via mobile app in bed. Here are the craziest places North Americans have reportedly shopped:

  • In bed: 37%
  • At work: 26%
  • In the bathroom: 24%
  • At a restaurant: 15%
  • In the shower: 4%
  • At a funeral: 2%

North American Psyche of Shopping_Males More Likely to Express Concerns about Security

Security remains a high concern for those who shop online. North American consumers cited the top reasons for not shopping, online or via mobile app (50%) and discomfort with sharing payment information online or on mobile (49%). Moreover, males are more likely to express concerns about security (M: 58%; F: 45%) and being uncomfortable with sharing their payment information online/via mobile (M: 55%; F: 46%).

Shoppers are “turned off” when online commerce is not an option and may choose to buy elsewhere. Consumers have purposely chosen not to buy something when a retailer did not have an online payment option (68%), a mobile payment option (19%), or an in-app payment option (14%). As a result, retailers that do provide any e-commerce option may cause in-store and online shoppers to buy elsewhere.

MasterPass makes online shopping simple, safe and seamless. MasterCard understands what consumers value most in the online shopping experience, and therefore developed MasterPass – an easy and safe way to pay when shopping online, on a mobile device or in-app. It eliminates the need to store card information in multiple apps; instead, shoppers can check out using the “Buy with MasterPass” button and shop wherever they are, on any connected device.

For more interesting results from the Psyche of Shopping survey, visit @MasterCardNews every day this week, and for more information on ways you can shop online in a safer way, visit our MasterPass digital press kit.