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MasterCard Rolls out Affordable Retail Location Analysis

Commercial real estate professionals no longer need to spend a fortune for data analysis. MasterCard is rolling out a portal version of MasterCard Retail Location Insights, a unique tool that measures the sales-based performance of a retail location with mapping and reporting functionalities. For the firstMC_MRLI-Infographic_Tabloid-Print  time, industry professionals now have access to affordable insights that can evaluate, validate and benchmark retail locations throughout the United States.

“Data is crucial to making intelligent, informed decisions on whether to invest in an up-and-coming neighborhood versus a more established one, for example,” said Gary Kearns, Group Executive for Information Services, MasterCard Advisors.

With MasterCard Retail Location Insights, real estate professionals are now able to determine which neighborhoods are on the rise and how existing retailers are faring. For example, Shaw, a neighborhood in Washington D.C., had a relatively low score in 2012 and is now in the top third according to MasterCard data. With an average ticket price on the rise and a steady economic stability rate, the data confirms that this is an up-and-coming neighborhood with excellent potential for retail.

The portal edition of Retail Location Insights follows the enterprise edition launched in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

MasterCard Retail Location Insights will be on display at RECon in Las Vegas. More information about the solution can be found here.