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Talking Inclusion, Innovation and Security at the World Economic Forum

This year, the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting will focus on “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution” – driven by the speed, the breadth and the complete ‘systems innovation’ of technological change underway. MasterCard will be at this year’s gathering to discuss how advancements in technology and the flow of data are transforming industries and creating a more empowered, inclusive planet where people – regardless of where they are or their current economic status – are able to better build more self-determined lives.

world economic forumOver the week in Davos, the MasterCard delegation will be actively engaged in a number of ways:

  • On Friday morning, Ajay Banga will be on a public WEF panel “Fostering Financial Inclusion” along with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, the Finance Ministers of Mexico and Colombia and more. Together, they will discuss calls to action for leaders to champion financial inclusion across industries and governments.
  • MasterCard is co-sponsoring “A Day in the Life of a Refugee” – a powerful experience designed to help participants understand the struggles and choices that refugees face to survive each day. The experience is developed by the Crossroads Foundation and designed with refugees, internally displaced persons and NGOs. Part of the official WEF program and conveniently located within the secure zone, participants will have an opportunity to try a working demo of MasterCard Aid Network.
  • On Thursday morning, Ajay Bhalla will host a breakfast panel featuring Sir Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, and executives from Microsoft and Salesforce.  The breakfast will explore the importance of addressing security and privacy early in the innovation cycle as the world evolves towards the internet of things.
  • Ann Cairns will join the CEO of Western Union and the Founder/CEO of TransferWise for a TechCrunch Davos Live panel at 7pm on Wednesday to discuss the future of capital and payments in a digital world.

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