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The Sound of Priceless at the World Series


Last night marked one the more dramatic World Series in MLB history. After seven games, a rain delay, and 10-innings, The Chicago Cubs finally broke their 108 year championship drought and won the World Series 4-3 against the Cleveland Indians.

Mastercard, inspired by a statement from an opposing player who said, “Wrigley wasn’t that loud”, wondered what it would sound like if Cubs fans got the opportunity to celebrate 108 years of pent up anticipation, and created a decibel reader app.  Cubs fans cheered so loudly that they broke the 100 decibels mark and brought it to another level – what was heard was “The Sound of Priceless”.

Experiences Matter more than things

world-series 2016 Mastercard Priceles Surprise

Mastercard cardholders in Wrigleyville receive a Priceless Surprise: Tickets to Game 5 at Wrigley Field

Executed through its world renowned Priceless platform, Mastercard has known for nearly 20 years that experiences matter more than things.  Its sponsorship partners and brand ambassadors play a critical role in bringing one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experiences to life, allowing Mastercard to bring cardholders – the fans – closer to some of the most sought after events, artists and athletes they admire most.

Mastercard does this through Priceless Cities, its experiential platform, as well as through its always on surprise and delight platform, Priceless Surprises. During World Series week, Mastercard delivered close to 5000 Priceless Surprises, ranging from on-field batting practice to coveted World Series tickets. If you are a Mastercard cardholder, you never know when you might get a surprise.